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with more tatto's than brain cells, Yok's will normally spend up to 14 days in Magaluf, Mallorca, over the "f*cking summer".

Not content at knowing they have ruined what used to be a beautiful land by splashing Neon and Chilli Sauce all over its rolling hills, they must also pollute the formally tranquil surroundings with boisterous songs; "YOKKY YOKKY YOKKY - GOY GOY GOY".

Wallowing in swimming pools by day, and foam by night, Yok's are a species that come with a warning - admire from a far, but steer well clear.
Dressed head to toe in England Tatto's, you will be hard pressed to find a Yok without a shaved head "ive got a f*cking skin'head aint i" they say proudly. Classic Yok give-a-ways range from Umbro shorts, all the way to a Sergio Taccini polo top
by The Yokumentary July 07, 2010
Combination of 'yeah' and 'ok'
Meet me at Starbucks?

by aristotle72 April 13, 2011
A contraction of the words "yeah" and "ok." Used to imply concise sarcasm or disbelief.
Dude this chick is totally into me
by PYSE November 22, 2010
A pejorative Yiddish term for a person who lists 3 letter words on the net and gets the definitions totally incorrect.
That yok thinks yok is the word for a goy! What a yok!
by Irene Kastoflajjer July 31, 2006
A person who loves waiting in lines.
Look at this yok waiting in line to get into 'the club'
by Peter Flambookie June 06, 2011
pronounced yo-kay slang turn for yeah ok. mostly used when the other person is talking alot of crap
guy-i love you
girl- yo-k and that girl just happened to be in your bed
guys best friend- o burn!
by linkin park luva February 20, 2006
A crazy, drunk bastard that will often get so drunk he'll eat an egg yok raw
Pat: Hey guys did you see Curley eat that egg yok? Hes plastered again.

Rotty: Well yeah, thats why he is yok!
by Notorious P.A.T. (c.o.b.) May 04, 2010