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Yeah Man Dude.

Said upon witnessing the act of someone trying to make themselves look cool, radical or awesome. The perpetrator soon becomes a victim of abuse, due to the fact they were trying to be awesome. The phrase is often used in conjunction with what some may call the 'rock on' hand signal.
Alex: Last night was so fucking crazy I had 14 beers in less than an hour and then smoked weed all fucking night.

Jordan: Shut the fuck up you YMD.
by Jodskinho March 14, 2011
An acronym standing for Young Money Dude Squad. A close group of guys. It is not in any way homosexual.
YMDS Member 1: Hey Hedge, are you going to be at the YMDS meeting?

YMDS Member 2: Yeah dooo ill be there. Whose week is it for snacks?
by The Founding Fathers November 11, 2011
(You Must Die) used to show hatred toward someone

Commonly used in youtube poop
Miley cyrus YMD!!!! (YOU MUST DIE!)
by operation January 03, 2010
Your Mom's Daughter

something like "your mom"but since people use "your mom" a lot you can name the person by saying "your mom's daughter"

if your referring to a guy then you say "Your Mom's Son"
your such a YMD
your such a YMS
by Krstyx3 January 11, 2010
Shortened version of 'Yo Ma Dawgz.' Said when somebody does something cool, and the other person wants to make fun of wannabe gangstas.
'Dude, I just beat the Star Wars game on xBox!'

by ccrazyguyy October 11, 2009
1) Your Mother's Dick 2) The penis of your mother 3) The sausage hanging from the crotch of your mammy 4) The organ from which, as an infant, you sucked out what you thought to be milk
"Hey, you know what I saw yesterday?"
"YMD. I know. Shut up about it already."
by DikkDikk May 04, 2009
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