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A Young Muttly Child or Young Muttly Children are ghastly beings typically from ages 12 to 18 but known to start early aswel as end late. YMC's or Young Muttly Chrildren think that they are the best, they think that they deserve the best, and truly believe they are the most attractive in the world, when in reality 97% of YMC cases are in the ugliest of the youth. They believe that they are nice to everyone and one of the kindest people around, yet they are actually sarcastic, bitchy and most of the female YMC's smell like fish, Rainbow Trout to be exact. YMC's think that they run the world when they truthfully don't even run their highschool and upon graduating high school and being thrown into the real world, most YMC's die in the first few months trying to adapt to normal, clean, fun life. If you know any YMC's you can do your part by smacking them on sight and show them that the greasy, slimy life they live will not be tolerated.
"Man have you heard that bitch talk?"
"Yeah, she thinks she's the queen of the world, what a stupid YMC"
by Revolution789 January 19, 2014
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