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The main example of our society here in 2013. It means yolo, gucci, ratchet, swag. Some of the terms the swag fags use nowadays.
Swag fag#1: Oh my Satan! Dan has so much YGRS!
Swag fag#2: you're so right! And his hooker Lindsay is so YGRS too!
by YGRSclan December 09, 2013
you're getting raped
when you get owned or burned to the furthest extent.
"dude I'm grounded for 3 months"
"wow man, ygr"
by ygr123 April 06, 2013
Stands for You Got Raped/You Got Records.
Well solid gang from patchway, small town outside bristol.
We Be Part of the Y.G.R
by Incognetic August 24, 2008