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when you seem stunned by something that someone says, then you sarcastically rip on em'
YEAAAAAH! ok then, i had nooo idea you liked the Gaytona 500!
by jebus January 15, 2004
17 47
The well recognized first word to the song "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who, as the OP for CSI: Miami. This has been used at the butt of jokes using the Horatio Caine meme. (In actuality, the word is spelled "Yeeaaahh (with an indefinite amount of h's)" on the image.
"H, a woman jumps in front of a man's car and gets run over. Who's fault is it?"

"Well... why is the man... driving in the kitchen?"


by Mr. MacGregor February 10, 2009
199 85
"ugly snyd..........YEAAAAAAHH!!
by Adamhodgins January 20, 2003
5 51