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The buddhist counterterm to YOLO.
Short for You Don't Only Live Once.

Origin: Unknown, but qualitative research suggests an origin from some ambitious female afraid of having too much fun.
1 - "Babe, let's get busy tonight"
2 - "I wanna wait till we're married"
1 - "Come on, live a little!"
2 - "YDOLO"
by UT+Per7 August 14, 2014
You Don't Only Live Once. A play on Drake's unoriginal motto "YOLO" that people are saying to make themselves feel up to date with the newest unoriginality that makes up today's pop culture.
Drake: "I'm a loser from Degrassi that at some point felt I had talent to offer! YOLO!

Buddha: "I beg to differ. YDOLO"
by Crunok May 28, 2012

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