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Y.B.F. -- "Yellow Beaver Fever" is the condition of Western men who are compelled to chase any girl who is Asian. More commonly referred to as Asian Fever and an asian fetish.
Rob Pongi has such a bad case of Y.B.F. he has trouble keeping his trousers zipped up whenever he leaves his apartment and goes into the seriously babe-infested Tokyo environment.
by Taro 3Yen.com November 08, 2007
20 10
Yucky Boy Fitness, a fitness program that promotes flexible dieting and encourages reaching a fitness level beyond conventional attractiveness.
He's ripped to the point girls don't even think it's sexy anymore. He must be on that YBF program.
by The Yucky One March 06, 2013
18 3
young black and fabolous
That girl is definitely a ybf chick!
by Joni-Lee August 07, 2007
21 11
You'll be fine
J-Biebs was getting hostile... All I had to say was YBF.
by amo15252 May 08, 2011
4 1