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The equivalent phraseology of "you all will" in the Southern locution.
I don't get out of class 'til five so text me where y'all'll be and I'll meet y'all there.
by leonedavis January 08, 2009
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TEXAS WORD, contraction of Yall and will.
Yall'll go up to the big house and bring the bail to your father now.
by Clark Draughn February 26, 2004
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As y'all is the combination of "you all", y'all'll is the combination of "y'all" and "will".
Y'all'll have a great time with them strippers and cocaine.
by The Booty Spectator July 03, 2014
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Tennessian for "you all will."
Ya'll'll be home for Thanksgiving, right?
by Jessa Claeys November 08, 2008
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