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1) The unfortunate hybrid combination of a Xylophone and a Saxophone. An excellent example of why instruments should practice abstinence. The blowing/hitting of such an instrument often results in a painful sound often accompanied by temporary insanity until the sound waves are thoroughly 120 miles away.

2) A weapon of war, noted for the destructive capabilities it has achieved in the battlefield of sanity and eardrums. Commonly thought to have been created by the Big Notorious J - Lo.

3) A laxative used by balding sweaty middle-aged men. Recommended with a garlic supplement for extra heath benefits.
1) My child wants to play the Xylosax. I shall throw him into a burlap sack and beat him with reeds.

2) Activate the Xylosax!

3) Activate the Xylosax!
by Sir Brautigan May 03, 2009

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