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The word xial is the exact opposite of what is popular or cool. Xial is used in the case of music where "pop" music is cool, hip, popular while Xial music is music that isn't crowd friendly. This term is also used in the way of music or musicians being kicked off, or not allowed on the radio. Most people who make Xial music are usally very talented. Great music comes form Xial bands!
Guy1:"Dude I was listening to this band and they are amazing!"

Guy2:" Before I listen to them are they a Xial style band?"
Guy 1:" Yes, but they sound so incredible you should like them anyway."
Guy2:" I'm sorry but I don't listen to Xial bands!"

Example 2

Ian:" Damian, you should check out this band they are so incredible!!!"
Damian:" Really? Are they a Xial band?"
Ian:" YES thats why they are so good!"
Damian:" Fine I'll listen to them."
Ian:" So what do you think?"
Damian:" These guys are amazing! I think they're my new favourite band!!!"
Ian: Thought you would like them!"
by Ianxial May 16, 2011

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