Top Definition
Xhyro is a player on Dynamic craft
Xhyro is pronounced SHY-RO
Xhyro is a term used by trolls to call somewhat an ass hole.
Xhyro Can touch his balls with his nose.
Guy 1: AW MAN- You went all xhyro on your balls

Guy 2: hey. Your a Xhyro.
by Mye'Shawn July 16, 2012
A boy who must rape little dogs to fall asleep, whats worst is that he enjoys it. they are ussually concieded, even though they have nothing to be proud of.
I bet you are a XHYRO..EEEWEEWWWWWW!
You, sikko xyhro, go away.
by jkfsdjflkjsdkfjskl May 23, 2006
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