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New branding of Comcast. Cleverly disguised mathematical equation representing the culmination of their customer service's intentions of how often they plan to fuck you over. Short for "times infinity."
Hey Comcast, how often/much do you plan to fuck me over?
Times infinity! (Xfinity)
by SicDigital August 03, 2010
An alleged upgrade that somehow manages to be worse than the original product.
Have you downloaded the new Firefox?
Yeah.. it's kinda xfinity, though.

Our cable box got xfinitied. Now, the guide is huge and there are ads on the menu. WTF
by consentingadult April 29, 2011
another parallel universe where Comcast is the superior provider of television, phone, and Internet services; Comcast executives are highly regarded for their intelligence and keen ability to run a company; and ordinary people have no knowledge of just how much Comcast sucks

(Note: this is a fictional place that only exists in the imagination of the Comcast marketing department.)
Comcast executive (dreaming): "I love it here in Xfinity where I am the envy of all mankind and every day is even more Comcastic than the last!"

What do you get when you put lipstick on a pig? Xfinity.
by MeLoseBrainUhOh November 27, 2010
A person who needs a company to fuck them as long as they are a customer or employee.
Comcast = xfinity Customer wants what they paid or requested, but gets the opposite and the company thinks the customer was stupid for using there services anyway so they fuck them in the asshole.
by Comfuck February 09, 2015
The opposite of infinity. Or zero.
as include is the opposite of exclude, infinity is the opposite of xfinity.
by hastypete June 07, 2011
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