A poor bastard who works for Xerox.
Dude did you hear about Jimmy? He's a Xeroid now, you can't help him.
by Nate Piller January 28, 2008
Derived from Xerox, a machine to copy papers. A term to describe an empty headed, mindless person. Term to describe a person in a low level of awareness. One who mindlessly follows the popular trends. One who chronically succumbs to the demands of mass media. A person who strives to fit in and follow the crowd.
phony person
empty person
cooky cutter person
people who slavishly follow trends
just another number in the line
as-if person
Those gray suited office guys are cubicle xeroids.

Those people with rings through their noses, tattoos, and raggedy clothes are hippie wanna-be xeroids.

Look at all the tourist xeroids.
by hypsyb August 20, 2010
A poor bastard that works for Xerox, to distinguish them from Contractors and Consultants, which are both called Contracts.

Xerox has a fun tendency to replace their own employees with Contracts, so that all the amazing inventions and technologies in Printing, Digital Processing and Computing they develop never make any money, because the guy who invented them was tapped, i.e., laid off.

This of course removed the gonads of a formerly great company, and forces Xerox to limit their money-making activities to fixing their old leased machines when they break, or when the service rep needs to add a line or two to his status report.

Otherwise, no one has any ownership or investment in new and competitive products @ Xerox. The 'X' logo, though, has renewed ownership whenever a new CEO or president is hired to "make positive changes". This is code for "Spend Millions On Changing What The "X" Xerox Logo Looks Like.

BTW, The Xerox Building in Rochester NY sports the "eroding 'X'" logo, one of their most relevant 'X's.
I have many friends at Xerox, but only one is still a Xeroid. The rest have been laid off or retired, then came back as Contracts.
by Catso March 10, 2009

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