In case one of you persons doesn't understand the complexity of xenophobia, here is a nice, and clear explanation: The complexity of xenophobia, is simple the felt opinion toward foreigners, or unknown persons. In case one of you persons do understand the complexity of xenophobia, don't process xenophobia on foreigners, or the unknown persons in this world. Although, I can say that the way persons today are unknown disappoints me...
Even though we probably didn't need the last part of that definition, xenophobia can be talked about in a quite smart way, as you can see...
by Mike B. Anderson January 03, 2008
The fear that an independent senator will derail your nation's economy for the sake of grandstanding over his pet issue.
"Did you hear that Independent Nick Xenophon voted against the economic stimulus package, until the government agreed to pay nearly $2 Billion into the Murray-Darling region?"

"Yeah, and half the country's now got a bad case of Xenophobia."
by FoggyDog February 12, 2009
1) 99.99% of all Conservatives.

2) An irrational, and usually unfounded fear of foreigners.

3) A word often seen in SAT practice books/tests, but rarely used in everyday speech or text.
1) Although absolutely EVERYONE in America is the descendent of an immigrant, the Conservatives' xenophobic attitude makes modern immigration difficult.

2) Bob is so xenophobic! Did you see the way he freaked out in front of that exchange student?

3) Although we were forced to memorize it's definition, xenophobia never once showed up on the SAT.
by chibi_tan013 August 01, 2010

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