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The act of causing the complete extinction of an entire species.
George committed xenocide against frogs.
by Shadowcast August 31, 2009
43 21
The act of a member of one species purposefully causing the extinction of another species.
If a man wiped out all mosquitos, he would have commited xenocide.
by Ouji Sukotto September 13, 2003
193 59
Xenocide is genocide directed at an alien species.
Xenocide is awesome.
by Richard L November 10, 2005
82 64
To commit the act of killing off an antire sentient specieas (bad spelling so what :P )
ender did not commit Xenocide, because one of the cacoons lived, and commander land was closer to it then him.
by Alan robbins November 25, 2003
57 98