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A Xenios is an exemplar, a high standard to aim for, a moral person. A Xenios is a Greek Cypriot unlike no other that really should be worshipped as a God. A well known phrase when you do something great is: 'I feel I achieved true Xeniosity today'.....if you pronounce the word correctly it sounds like a 'k-s' sound, say is quick at the start and then elongate the ending...... K-S eniooooooo..... and the s at the end is silent.
#exemplar #moral #standard #greek #cypriot
by DeeTeaDevotee February 27, 2011
direct translation - stranger, Cypriot-American, Greek, relocates like most people go to the store; when alcohol is consumed can turn into the incredible hulk, PHADED, hes a not a businessman, walks like snoop dogg and swagger like Jay Z, this being is imbued with grandeur and relative simpleness finding the positivity in every thing, can often be found putting himself in awkward positions only for the experience, friend to few his personality an acquired taste by only the most seasoned veterans to grace this plane of existence
Xenios says, "Real men play video games"
#xenios #stranger #phaded #jay z #hulk
by Kossia June 07, 2011
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