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xebo |zebo|
• a film-maker, director, producer or film professional who makes movies that are so bad that they are actually good.

• a Xebo film may also be a film that is deliberately bad or tacky.

• informal - a person who fails frequently or is generally unsuccessful in the aspect of film-making : a ragtag community of rejects and losers.
'Oh my god. What a total Xebo.'
'He's a Xebo who's makes Xebo movies'
'I'm a Xebo and proud of it'
Notable Famous Xebos include: early Peter Jackson (Bad Taste; BrainDead; Meet the Feebles); Roger Corman; Troma Films etc.

Recent film-makers embracing the Xebo spirit are the fine folk at Asylum (eg - MegaShark vs Giant Octopus).
by EyeofOdin October 21, 2010
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