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is a male or female that will do any of the following below

1.dick riding(pretending to like someone only to get somethig out of them)
2.sweet talk/fake love(usually works on horny fat nerds) the least common but it does happen believe it or not)

-to achieve/get something from an unexpecting/dumb founded victim, the Xbox Whore usually wants to acquire one of the specific items listed below points-
3.internet fame-
4.and most recently original gamertags-
Xbox Whore: Hey ____ can you jack the tag ____ for me honey?
Jacker: Sure but you have to let me and the gang get inside you lower intestine
Xbox Whore: sure anything for you ummmmm

3days later
Jacker: heres your tag
Xbox Whore: thank you so much i will love you forever and ever
^that was all she wrote.......LITERALLY little t***y never saw or heard from the Xbox Whore ever again^
by TD5X June 28, 2011
Someone who whores achievements on xbox or whores on the console for over 5 hours per day everyday.

Someone who will reference xbox in real life when it's the worst time ever.

Someone who thinks Xbox is real life!

Someone who whores swear words in a party/game chat!

Little kids who will whore the fuck outa things just to piss an older player off cause they learned ( new cheats)

Someone who actually thinks getting a nuke on Cod is a real life achiement!
Hey Dre, i got the nuke achievement on Xbox, my life is made now bitch, kiss my ass!

Erm Martin? You do realise that your a Xbox whore right?

Why is that Dre?

Because you obviously gamed out over 5 hours for weeks to even get good in Cod, you have no real life!

But Xbox is real life!

Dre: (Facepalm) -.-
by KDubs October 31, 2012
A word used describing someone who's got over 20,000 gamer points on there X-Box Gamer Tag
Matt- Dude....

Luke- Whats up.

Matt- Just checking X-Box live and this guy has got 24,060 Gamer points

Luke- oh ignore it, he's an X-Box Whore

Matt- Sweet....
by Ryu Shinto January 16, 2008

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