Xavier is someone who will change your life for the better. Xavier is an amazing guy. Xavier is extremely sweet, funny, sexy, usually tall, good style, forgiving, loyal, and a sexual guy. He is just an all around amazing person. He might seem like an @$$hole at first, but once you get to know him hes a real genuine prize. Xavier will have a drop-dead sexy body and features without even knowing it. Xavier has the cutest laugh that is contagious, the most adorable dimples, and has a smile that can light up your whole day. You will never get enough of an Xavier, you will always be wanting more. Xavier's can have trust issues, so they may not open up right at first, but if you trust them, then jus be patient and wait, eventually they will come around. If you show them complete trust and honesty, they will give it back. Never let go of an Xavier, it will be your biggest regret.
Olivia: Is it bad that I'm falling in love with this guy, Xavier?
by BigBootyJudyy July 15, 2012
a code word for an extremley large penis
holy shit! look at the size of that xavier!
by kingcock September 26, 2005
Sweet guy. Loves the lady partsss, a little too much. Amazing. Cute smile, and braces. Great style, always lookin laid back and fre$$$h always rockin some sexy sneaks ;) Awesome taste in music, and real funny. Can come off as a douchebag sometimes, but he secretly harbors some really sweet loving feelings for you, you just have to trust him and wait. Don't take him for granted, he'll come to you eventually. <XXX3
1: hey, you know that guy xavier?
2: yeah, he's great :) awesome style too
1: ehh idk he seems like a douchebag
2: get to know him, you'll see how amazing he can be ;)
by <3you'll never know ;) September 26, 2011
He's a player gets girls he has two sides of him sweet and nice he can be loving but he can be evil to he's athletic he's funny at times and can always make you smile
Ex: xavier is nice but he's so mean at the same time
by Xavierrrr May 06, 2013
A person (typically male) that appears as a mysterious person. On the out side he is fairly attractive and clean yet he never seems to talk much. They are highly romantic and sensitive to their partner's feelings. Although, usually shy, if they are in a small group, they open right up to show their naturally comedic nature. They are excellent lovers and never cheat (even if their partner cheats). They usually become attatched to people that show them kindness, but thats what they do. They have an extremly active imagination and can be good in bed. They are athletic in many things but also get bored easily. They are extremely intelligent but tend not to show it because they are always worried what people think about them. But many people dont think about them because they tend to disappear easily, but also reappear out of nowhere. Xaviers may seem weird at first, but once you get to know one for real, you'll love it.
<sabrina> hey, who is that guy?
<Amy> Oh my god Sabrina, thats Xavier. He sits next to you in chemistry.
<sabrina> hmm... never noticed... how is he
<amy> he seems shy at first, but once you get to know him, he's a blast.
by Wow. Such black. December 05, 2013
Athletic, funny,popular,always makes you smile,lady's boy, cute, and last Mexican
Friend:hey who is he

Other friend:Xavier i heard he's a lady's boy and supper funny

Me:I bet he's cute and athletic
by Xavierrr May 06, 2013
5'6" in height, has bright hazel eyes that will make you melt if you stare for more then 3 seconds, big cute smile, has dimples, fights with his sister just in comparison to a married couple, drinks his glass of water in one shot without pausing, favourite colour is blue, favourite number is 34 (; , favourite fruit is strawberry, loves to eat ramen/noodles, sings like an angel $:, Has 2 favourite songs: "There's a whole in the bottom of the sea" and "Bottoms Up.", love's to prnt screen things while webcamming cause he's a tad creepy (; , is also called as x-man, x-havier, etc. , you could say he's cute (: , goes to yfc, he has a sweet side, finds the wierdest things funny, gives the warmest hugs and loves his favourite person named strawpandaberry <3
xavier is xavier .

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