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The coolest guy you'll ever meet; he's a sweet ,smart,funny,kind and caring person who isn't quick to judge someone based on looks and what others say about that individual; also he is someone with a really big penis. if you don't know an xavian you should get to know one
I met xavian today he was one of the coolest people I've ever Met
by Real Oxford dictionary October 09, 2014
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a "Xavian" is the greek word for laziness

Most Commonly used to decribe a laziness someone has or how lazy someone can be.

Xavian can be described as a name, a way someone or something is acting, or a personality that someone may have.

Baby name meaning:
Origin: Spanish
meaning: Bright
My son is not getting out of the house today, he has a xavian kind of mood today

Whenever my daughter attempts her Homework, she becomes very xavian

Stop being a xavian, GET THE FUCK OUT OF BED!!!!
by Hooterscrew112 January 28, 2012
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