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A Xangsta, (also Xangster, plural:Xangstaz) is an individual who is:

1. A member of Xanga

2. Hardcore

Xangstaz have their own gang sign, the "Xang Sign", which was invented by TheBlackSpiderman.

The Xang Sign is even easier for white kids to do than the bloods gang sign.

Here are some facts about Xangstaz:

1. Xangstaz are more hardcore than Myspace gangsters.

2. Xangstaz do not carry guns. They kill you with words.

3. Xangstaz are faster than ninjas.

4. Xangstaz are better in bed than you.

5. Xangstaz are pro-cat.

6. Each Xangsta individual is more popular than all of Myspace.

7. Xangstaz make Xanga a bad neighborhood.

8. Anyone can become a Xangsta, except for Dr. Phil.

9. Xangstaz can morph into falcons at will.

10. All Xangstaz automatically are better at fighting than Tito Ortiz.

11. The Xangstaz sworn enemy is the Scene Kids on Myspace gang.

12. Xangstaz wear more bling than you.

13. A Xangsta can walk by a black cat and not have bad luck.

14. Chuck Norris is afraid of Xangstaz.

15. Xangstaz are sexier than Jessica Alba/Brad Pitt.

16. A Xangsta can beat anyone in a Pokemon battle. If a Xangsta went up against another Xangsta, it would create a paradox in which the universe would implode.

17. Xangstaz live by a strict code, which none of them can remember.

18. Xangstaz make love, not war. They make A LOT of love.

19. The number of members in the Xangsta gang is 10,000,000,000,000

20. Xangstaz talk about fight club.

"I got jumped by Xangstaz today! They politely coaxed me into deleting my Facebook account and then making a Xanga account!"

"Did you see that Xangsta? She was sexier than Jessica Alba. Well... they all are, you know."

George Bush: "We are now additionalizing the Xangsters into the Axis of Evil."

Tom, from Myspace: -gurgle-

Because the Xangstaz got to him.

Person #1: I think I saw a Xangsta yesterday!

Person #2: Whoa, scary.

Person #1: I know! They morphed into a falcon and flew away before I could get a picture with my blurry camera phone, which is always out of batteries anyway.

Person #2: Well, maybe you should carry a recharger with you.

Person #1: Oh right. Like there are plug-outlets everywhere.

Person #2: Um, this might sound crazy, but ever hear of lighter plugs in cars? Yeah. You can use those for your phone.

Person #1: How do you know that?

Person #2: It's just common sense. Also, I read about it on Xanga.

Person #1: Which blog did you read that on?

Person #2: I can't remember. But they were so Xangsta.

Person #1: You know, this is a terrible example.

Person #2: Don't blame me. Blame the person writing this.

Person #1: -looking up- Hey! Person writing this! You suck!

Person #2: Yeah! Stop writing! You're only making yourself look like a jackass!
by abf March 25, 2008
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