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The feeling of euphoria after having a really intense bowel movement.
"that shit sent me to Xanadu."
by Wizard Of Olz June 22, 2005
No deal. Derived from the arm crossing in the game show to indicate 'no deal' and the Olivia Newton John video clip Xanadu showing the same arm crossing as part of the dance.
Are the Eagles going to win the flag this season? Xanadu Mate.
by Timmmy McTimtims April 18, 2008
Noun. The silent assassin style stabbing of ones fingers into the ribs of another.

Verb. To sneak up behind someone and shove your fingers into their ribs and squeeze as hard as possible. Bonus points if you lift their feet off the ground.
I got Xanadued today, it hurt so damn much.
by Xach January 29, 2005
The choice name for a band consisting of five teenage kids in the early to mid ninties. Of course during the Nirvana grunge stage.
Heidi: Hey so what should our band be called?
Meggis: Ummm... man I don't know! Fucking Xanadu! Yeah... that sounds bad ass!
Hesta: Hell yeah! That totally rocks.
by mrsmegnolia May 15, 2006
A place on the east coast of the U.S. sometimes referred to as Connecticut, where dreams do come true. Magical fairies roam the streets and homeless people do not.
My co-worker moved to Xanadu.
by freddy mac March 29, 2006
Xanadu is a very mean pedophile term in which it is secretly confessed that they have molested children.
Men in prison use this term to identify each other.
yo yo buddy xanadu...uhhuh?
by you abused me January 23, 2007