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This term refers to Yamaha XS 1100 owners and their bikes. Cycle magazine wrote in 1979 that Yamaha was trying to make a play on words and developed the XS 1100 for the reason of beating all other makes at the time. The marketing folks used a short name "XS11" for the bike, specifically to boast that it would make an 11 second 1/4 mile run. It did and still does today in large numbers. Arguably the fastest and quickest motorcycle during its prime, The XS11 still has a major following throughout the world. There is an owners group that helps all motorcycle owners, not just XSives keep their bikes running through website assistance and parts distribution. Possibly the most active motorcycle, model specific, group in existence today.
He left the station and used a little XSive throttle.
by Mark Guthrie July 27, 2005
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