A gang of Norhern California, denoted by their red bandanas, red clothing, graphitti ("XIV" is usaully associated, or the number "14"), and chickenshit fighting style. They are known to attack one person, with a group of ten or more. Many various weapons are employed, including brass knuckles, guns, knives, logs, tree stumps, and their own stupidity.
Moronic gang member: "This is our park, Norte XIV dawg!"
Gutter punk: "I don't see any signs. I don't see you sleeping here."
<Gutter punk gets clobbered over the head with a log, and is assaluted by ten thugs, only for them to drive off in a hurry>
Gutter punk: "Yeah, who's still here? This is my park!"
by Dorkcore Punk September 26, 2005
Top Definition
14 - Norte -Norteño-Nuestra Familia. Primary color, Red. Started in the prisons in California, it is now made its way throughout the Southwest. Mortal enemy XIII-13-Sur-Sureño-La Eme"The Mexican Mafia" Primary color, Blue.

Bottom Line: We are all brown, and the sooner we all figure that all, the better off we'll all be.
by Zapata August 19, 2003
14 In Roman Numerals. XIV`14 Reffers to the 14th letter of the Alphabet. " N ". XIV 14 N all tie to explain the origins of the Almighty Norte XIV
Norte Controls Nothern CAL14NIA
by Masochist June 02, 2003
Scrap KiLLaZ
XIV ThEm SuR RaTa$ CaNt HaNg WiTh THa ReAL NoRtE.CuZz We LiViNg Tha LiFe Of A NoRtH$iDe SolDeR.
by LiL LoC2LiL 1 September 13, 2003
XIV = 14 = Nuestra Familia.

North Organized Raza Throughout Eternity.
by Anonymous November 02, 2003
scraps dies in alleys
scrap killa
by lil dice October 10, 2003
The only down ass nortenos are part off the xiv. BE DOWN 4 LIFE.
Sock a scrap in the lip and watch the rue color flow. ROJO!
Opposite of those fuckin surats
Come see us u fuckin scrapas well show u what da fuck is up XIV till eternity
by Scrap Killa November 13, 2003
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