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Almighty North Bay, Napa, Santa Rosa, Fairfield, Vacaville, Vallejo.
24krt Bay Area Gold, 'n 707 Is Tha Area Code
by Masochist June 02, 2003
14 In Roman Numerals. XIV`14 Reffers to the 14th letter of the Alphabet. " N ". XIV 14 N all tie to explain the origins of the Almighty Norte XIV
Norte Controls Nothern CAL14NIA
by Masochist June 02, 2003
San Fransyko Bay Area, 415(Frisco, West Bay) 707 ( North Bay ) 510 ( Oakland, East Bay) 925 ( skirts of the East Bay ) 408 (South Bay, San Jose ) 209 ( Rest of South Bay ) Home of Gangstas 'n Killas and a shit loada Drug Dealas.
Recognize Tha Bay
by Masochist June 02, 2003
one who is deeply obsessed with moving away from the bay area. especially Vallejo. One who travels just to be away from the Bay.( Taman Burnside )
Taman is a fudnucker.
by Masochist October 21, 2003

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