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A derogity term for microsofts Xbox, used by playstation players who hate xbox with a passion
Joe: i bought an xbox!
Bob: u mean an xcox
Joe: fucking gaystationer
by nuggggggggyyyyyy March 14, 2010
an insult for people who play or own an X-box. Same for other other systems such as lamecube, gaystation or gayboy advanced. These insults don't apply to me because I was deprived of games awhile back.
Gamecuber: don't you come near me, X-cox.
X-boxer: you wanna start somethin' lamecube?
Platstationer: Come on, this is getting old guys.
X-boxer: you stay outta this!
Gamecuber:Yeah, you shut the hell up!
by Sony65 November 01, 2004

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