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Where IGN users go to make fun of Kev and his shitty Ngage.
Kev, your ngage sucks cock!
by KBLegolas December 18, 2003
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Fuck I'm stoned
I pulled an xcb in the middle of the exam and the teacher asked me why there was smoke coming from within my desk.
by spatz January 03, 2004
n. An internet message board where all the people that knocked up your mother hang out.
Man, the XCB really filled my mom up! And me too!
by MMBKG September 08, 2003
Acronym/place - Xtreme Crazy bu77seXs
Man I had some crazy bu7753K5 on the XCB!
by Lanks December 18, 2003
A place where a bunch of losers like to hang out. (excluding me) face_cool
Your all a bunch of losers, except me. face_cool
by Matthew Palmer December 20, 2003
A place were pewpzles are eeted
I eat teh pewplezlez at teh XCB
by Pewplezlez liker December 18, 2003

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