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smiley meaning your dead/ bored as in lifeless expression on your face. it is enhanced by the X for an eye coz we all know dead ppl have X's for eyes. yup yup.
crzy girl: hey, ummm boyfriend just dumped me and im really sad. iz it coz im not hot? do you think im hot? DO YOU?!?!
jimmy: X|
jimmy: chill.
crzy girl: 8(
jimmy: yea, you are. wanna hook up?
crzy girl: 8)))
jimmy: LET'S DO THIS!! lololz


annoying person:dg
annoying person:dsfgdfg
annoying person:dsfgwerg
annoying person:sdgd
annoying person:sdfg
annoying person:dsfg
annoying person:...
annoying person: 8D
annoyed person: X|
by nicolasdjondo April 23, 2010
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