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A very rare and uncommon name. Only so many people in the world are lucky enough to know someone named Wylee.

Wylee is one of the kindest persons you will ever meet. Wylee's, are naive, simple and sometimes slow. Wylee's will believe almost anything you tell them. Although appearing unintelligent, Wylee's fully understand what they DO know and are willing to defend their knowledge when threatened.

Wylee's, for the most part shy will not speak a word until spoken to. When approaching Wylee make sure to do so in a slow friendly manner, or else this may frighten them. They may not talk much until they are speaking about something they know.

Wylee's do not show much emotion and don't really care for much. Wylee's have low expectations so they never get let down. A Wylee may have no expression on their face, but on the inside they are exploding.
"I met the coolest guy the other day! His name is Wylee. He is a very skilled musician!"
by xwyldmanx June 25, 2009
A Wylee is a girl that is very bitchy and annoying. Most people hate them. Often a Wylee will be very pretty, but can't keep a partner for very long due to their unlikeable personality.
"hey look at that girl over there! she is hot!"
"oh man, that's a Wylee. I would steer clear if I were you."
"oh ew, I can't stand Wylee's.
by jklahfsdjhg December 07, 2008
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