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Somebody who "wubs" (loves). Used for really mushy baby talking. It's the best.
Wubber,wubber, wubber...you don't treat me no good no more...
by Wubberwubber69 August 18, 2010

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wubbers is a gay version of wuvvers which is a gay version of wuv which is a cute version of love
"i wubbers you"

"i 'wubbers' you too, whatever that means..."

"hahah! i got you to say it back!"
by nobuenocoach July 01, 2010
Derogatory term for, usually white, young men and boys who dress in tracksuit style outfits and generally hang around causing trouble.

Origin - from phrase "wubber, a useless word, for useless people."

Similar to a boy racer, but without a car. Wubbers have no purpose or use, someone with a car does.

A wubber with a car is called a 'fub'
"look at that guy, he's such a wubber."


"Damn, all he wubbers are out tonight."
by DarkCryst March 30, 2004