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A well-respected investment bank that provides financial services.
You need to diversify yo' bonds, nigga!

- Wu Tang Financial
by Donald Ronald Donaldson April 28, 2006
A Place of financial consultation run by the Wu Tang Clan.
"We all know that cash rules everything around us; cash, green, get the money, dollar dollar bill ya'll. That's why its time to enter the 36 chambers, and step to the Wu."-Chappelle's show
by Will January 31, 2005
A financial corporation owned by Wu-Tang Clan. Consult them if you need to diversify your bonds. It's also nuttin to fuck with.
Wu Tang Clan aint nuttin to fuck wit, Wu Tang Clan aint nuttin to fuck wit...
(From their Chappelle's Show Comemrcial, "Wu Tang Financial".)
by Silverberg June 29, 2006
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