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Akin to writer's block except that writer' wank is the opposite problem: an overabundance of inspiration. The term wank in this context describes when a fiction writer uses their narrative to promote their own beliefs, even when it is inappropriate and well outside the scope of the story. The implication behind the term is that the author is merely committing self-gratification without regard as to how it will affect the plot.

Some genres of fiction that are especially susceptible to this are science fiction, romance, and alternate history. While all writers are encouraged to imbue their work with a strong underlying message, projects that fall victim to a wank attack are notorious for yielding one-dimensional, cliched, and heavily biased material that readers with differing opinions will have difficulty enjoying.
Hey, check out this New York Times Bestseller. It's about how socialism saves Europe from brink of World War II and then successfully defeats those mouth-breathing Yanks when they come looking for oil. Neat-o! Although I think $6.99 is a little pricey to let some frustrated socilogy professor writer's wank all over me.
by Spin me a real yarn! March 23, 2006
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