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A certain state of being for a writer where he/she suddenly has an incredible urge and inspiration to write and write and write some more, most of the time, not even knowing where his/her ideas are coming from.

contrary to a Writer's Block.

also applicable to artists (artist's boner) where hundreds of images for things they'd like to draw suddenly appear in their minds. As a result, you can see a person with an artist's boner scribbling and doodling pages upon pages in their sketchbook/notebook/etc., as if in a trance.
Guy1: I woke up this morning with the weirdest urge to write my ass off... :|

Guy2: it's called a writer's boner. it's writer's block--reversed. hah!

Guy1: that's like... so fucking ironic and true... but it's the perfect way to describe it! It's like everything fucking... makes sense!
by thecrazydragon February 26, 2011

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