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when you can't finish a paper because you're too busy doing porn on the internet.
"dude, did you finish that essay last night?"
"nah buh, i had such bad writer's cock. i didn't do shit."
by BenJamin' Pennell February 22, 2009
When you are trying to write a paper but you can't because you're too horny and all you can think all you can think about is blowing your load.
"Did you finish the paper yet?"
"No, I have writers cock. I need to blow this load."

by J-Dog da boss. December 05, 2008
When a piece of writing is sooo good it gives you a boner, erection, chubby, woody, etc.
I was writing my auto-biography, it was so good it gave me writer's cock!
by danthebananaman October 22, 2010
When you are to horny to be able to form legitimate thoughts to write anything.
I couldn't write because I was stricken with writer's cock
by Communist West June 03, 2012