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to receive a written disciplinary notice on conduct and action in the work place.
Bob: Russell, you were 5 hours late. You will receive a write up.

Russell: But those guy left me at White Castle last night! I had to blow the large black man for a ride home. And he din't give it to me either! I called my mom and dad and they told me I suck! I finally got home by calling my friend with the Mercury Sable, but I had to promise him my tight nerd ass.

Bob: You will receive an additional write up for being stupid. You can go home now.

Russell: YEA! Yu-Gi-Oh is on!
by sextoaster December 17, 2004
A term used by "lads" it means going to graffiti it is the street term.
lad1:Sd0in lAdskee lEts Write Up bRaz
lad2:Nm lAd...wEr u WannA Writ bRa
lad1 AnyWer lad Sg0 BrA
lad2:AiitE lad
by BENJII92 September 27, 2006