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When Mitch Wilson hits a level of euphoria that few humans will ever experience. It can only be caused by the following events:

-2 beers and some Dave Mathews band with Babe after a long day of fluid dynamics
-A perfect slalom ski run at 30 mph
-A Vince Young touchdown
-A one handed ultimate frisbee touchdown grab
-A perfect landing of the KC-135 "look at my shaft" aircraft
Fur McQuire: Dude, what happened to Mitch's arm? What was he doing last night?
Schmayo: We were shitfaced, he attempted to eject from his home aircraft but totally missed the landing zone, he was not in the "Wrig Zone"

Poogums: Hey, where is Kriggles at?
STBeej: Oh, we had a test today and he didn't study so he is in the room with Babe
Poogums: Ahh, guess we won't beat his ass at speed quarters tonight since he's in the "Wrig Zone"
by OccupyMitch November 12, 2011
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