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1.)Someone who takes pure pleasure in destroying a party for personal gain.

2.)a man who most certainly has 'KORO'(shrunken penis disease)

3.)A pompous,untrustworthy, outlandish man with the inability to socialize with anyone outside of his home besides old-faithful 'righty'

4.)a man in dying need of a blow-job more than anyone in the WORLD!

ex 1: "hey man, I can't believe you wreckon dracgon just to get all the attention in the game competition"

ex 2:"I went to the doctor today that broke the news to me that I had wreckon dracgon!"

ex 3: "Dude, you're such a wreckon dracgon that you will never EVER get a woman for the rest of your life, FURTHERMORE you're always going to be a wreckon dracgon."

ex 4:"hey man we gotta go to the strip club and pick you up a lady for some dome(head) cause you have the worst case of wreckon dracgon ever, and you really need to get some.!!!
by MOSES69FORLIFE March 19, 2009

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