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Someone who is either fucked up mentally through drugs or someone who actively gets fucked up on drugs, drink, cheap sex and/or wild, bad times.
Also an affectionate term for your booze or binge buddies.
"Why wont you date him?"
- "His wreckhead lifestyle would drag me under."
by Roxy Starr February 10, 2006
A person who takes large quantities of drugs or alcohol.
Wreckheads are usually found to mix most drugs together resulting in complete twistedness often leading to various forms of psycosis
Wreckheads are usually found in groups of ravers
by Wreckhead May 04, 2007
Somebody who is always completely out of their mind on a variety of drugs.
"Have you seen John lately? That guy is always totally fucked when I see him out"
"Yeah, he's a total fucking wreck head these days"
by funkyhouse86 September 03, 2009
Wreck head is some one on drugs who is always out of his/her face on drugs or alcohol.
now then john, I saw you last night walking around like a fucking zombie. your a complete wreck head these days.
by cavenmorgan April 28, 2013
Noun. A person who is extremely annoying, usually the kind who talks too much and doesn't say enough.
A: Sandra wouldn't stop talking at me last night.
B: She's an awful wreckhead that one.
by treblasumac May 17, 2015
"Wreckhead" is a term used to describe someone whos brain is either wrecked, or someone has said something thats wrecked your head.
Man 1: i had sex with my sister last night
Man 2: haha shut up ya Wreckhead

Shut Up Ya Wreckhead
by stevie steez October 25, 2003
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