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(adj): To have a condom on.
Girl: The test came back positive. You're the father!
Boy: Aww, hell nah! I was wrapped every time we did it!
by VFaux January 22, 2011
14 9
Australian slang term meaning happy; overjoyed; delighted.
Aussie 1: "how did you go on the maths test?"
Aussie 2: "omg dude i aced it, was so wrapped when I found out."
by wrappedmate November 06, 2010
27 11
Inebriated, very drunk
I'm soooo wrapped from that keg stand
by Alex Torres January 06, 2004
42 29
Describing the tires installed on a set of rims.
Those 20's are wrapped with Pirelli's.
by Joe3824 August 22, 2006
23 23
something that's stupid, beat, retarded, uncool.
That muffler on that 88 civic is so wrapped!
by Joe & Matty November 11, 2006
18 28