a great dancer with mad skills in dance
Amy is amazing, she can dance like a wozzle
#dance #amy #wuzzle #greatness #wozzlefied
by Amy the Amazing November 21, 2005
Top Definition
The act of getting close with your lady friend, Not the actual act of sex, but the stages leading to it.....
It's cold tonight, so why dont you come on over and wozzle on next to me...
by Shadizzy January 13, 2003
A stupid person; simliar to Australian derogatory slang of a "goose" Someone that is not too smart, that is silly, that is a foolish person.
Similar to "fool," "idiot," "dumb," "moron," and related concepts as a pejorative appellation for human misdeeds, whether purposeful or accidental, due to absence of mental capacity.

1. Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.
2. Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.
3. Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless
Look at that guy wearing Ed Hardy; what a wozzle!

That wozzle just hit my car!

This wozzle stuffed up my order!
#idiot #stupid #moron #fool #dumb
by dr jekyll December 28, 2009
A mythical creature rather like a drop bear but benign and very friendly and protective of you when lost in Australian woodlands and forests.
When going bushwalking ensure you carry plenty of raisins and currants to attract a wozzle when lost to look after you.
#drop bear #bushwalking #lost #wozle #mythical animal
by Seriously Lost October 08, 2007
A creature of ambiguous sexual preference who has a speech impediment.
A Wozzle exposed himself on stage while screaming something unintelligible and we knew the evening was off to a good start.
by Skid May 02, 2003
Wozzle is a term I spontaneously called a black lab mix puppy I once found. (Soon she'll be 13 years old.) I don't know why I came up with it or where it came from, it just seemed right for the squirmy little critter.
"You're just a little wozzle!"
#puppy #fuzzy #cuddle #cutie #wiggle #squirm
by Xodar March 17, 2008
A wozzle is a special person or animal ( friend or loved one) - and to be special they have to earn the right to be a wozzle - this is not something which can be bestowed upon someone lightly!
A doting loving wife or daughter, who is truly special can be a wozzle. A loyal pet can also be a wozzle.
#wassle #wislet #vossle #nellie #minx
by Heffi November 13, 2009
Posh British slang for 'worries'.
No wozzles darling, I'll get Daddy to arrange it.
#worries #posh #surrey #wozles #woozles #wozzle #worry #no #british #england #never mind #no worries
by FistPump June 16, 2012
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