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Used to show uber excitement or enjoyment with a persons previous statement. Mix between "Wow" and "w00t".
"Dude, I just got a new car."

"Wowt! Can I catch a ride?"


"Wowt! I just lost my virginity."

tea moo
by Kory S. November 13, 2007
1. An expression a sleep-deprived art student may make to describe a happiness beyond words. Pronounced "woo-woo-w00t".

2. The sound a happy lemming makes, supposedly once the Xbox 360 comes out or when given fresh celery.
1. "Dude, did you finish your sketches? ... Dude?"
"... wowt!"
"... You really need sleep, don't you?"

2. Delia entered her darkened room, shuffling across to her bed; WOWT. Delia froze, turned slowly as the door creaked shut. WOWT. She saw the green, left-over celery springs scattered across the carpet and moved quickly towards the window - but the lemming blocked her path. WOWT, the rodent chirped, staring at her with soulless black and beady eyes. "No!" she gasped, as the lemming drew near. WOWT. WOWT. "NO!" she cried, as the lemming closed the gap.
by invalidgriffin December 29, 2005