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Worzels are the little bunch of country bumpkins who follow Portsmouth football club. They talk like straw-chewing farmers and dress like scarecrows to imitate their hero, Worzel Gummidge. Other football fans feel sorry for them and view them as harmless simpletons.
2 Worzels overheard at Fratton Park: "Us Worzels is right dinlos, in't we, Jed? Ooohhh arrr!
by Worzelkiller May 03, 2008
A Worzel, sometimes also spelled "wurzel", is a supporter of Portsmouth Football Club. They are called this because their fans mainly come from the countryside and have a rural dialect.
Watford beat the Worzels 4-1 today.
by iwys5 June 24, 2007
Funky house loving, pink tshirt wearing with suit jacket and jeans and bleached spikey hair
that club is full of worzels
by the crow master May 19, 2006
Edinburgh - The Worzel Club capital of Scotland..
'am no goan thru tae that edinburgler - it's foo eh they worzels 'an that.
by aunt sally October 05, 2006
A worzel is slang for a resident of Southampton, a small farming community on the south coast of England. the residents have a strange dialect which sets them apart from other nearby communities.
I met a worzel the other day and he said, "Ize fram sarfarmmtin ize iz".
by Bob Darling February 26, 2008
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