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"Creed" according to Google. Although it's fixed now, you used to be able to type in "the worst band in the world" in Google and search it. "Creed" would be seen everywhere.
Creed Fan: I hate google
Friend: Why?
Creed Fan: I googled "the worst band in the world"
Friend: Oh...
by Freakin' Sweet! November 25, 2006
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guy 1: What is "Worst Band In The World "

guy 2: Naked brothers band
by foxhound5 April 20, 2009
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Is an easter egg that Google has in there search engine. You type that into the search and it shows you results for The Creed.
The Creed is the worst band in the world
by JfergusonKG April 07, 2009
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The way Limp Bizkit front man Fred Durst refers to his band.
Fred Durst: You want the worst? You got the worst; Limp Bizkit ladies and gentlemen - the worst band in the world!
by transistance August 25, 2008
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