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Often disguised as a mathlete, a Worlow is someone who is secretly a superhero who pies, saves the world using logarithms, and likes to keep his/her identity a secret by remaining plum rude. He/she is a kick-butt warrior that has helped dumb little asian girls pass TAKS and may often dance randomly. A typical Worlow drives a gold Hyundai and uses a leaf as his/her trademark symbol. A Worlow also does not care what other people think of him/her and lives life the way he/she wants to live~Magically.
Josie: "WOW that guy over there in the third row is perfectness!"
Mr. Rock: "I knowww. He must be a Worlow."
Josie: "Do you think I could have a chance with a great superhero like a Worlow?"
Mr. Rock: "Negative, too fat."

Akash: "There's a new guy in town. I'm suspicious. He's too good."
Mustafa: "Oops, it's a Worlow."
by iamgrandpa2008 April 14, 2009
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