An event where North American kids manage to find "national pride" for a country that their great grandparents immigrated from. Not only do they have NO connection with this country, this false "national pride" disappears the second the World Cup is over.

Despite it being hailed as the event that brings countries together for a short while, it only succeeds in tearing them apart even further as football alliances tend to demonize the opposing country.


*after World Cup*

You: Hey, are you going to the Italian Culture Festival?

Kid: What's "Italian?"



You: Name the capital of Portugal.

English Fan: Uhh...Portugal City?
by Wingman, First Degree July 01, 2006
BILLIONS watch it

with over 30 countries competing
the world cup is the biggest stage on earth

even if you hate footbal (as i do) you still have to watch as its just so gripping...the world cup is for europeans,africans,and south americans. its not really for americans as they think soccer is shit.

the world cup in england is amazing.when an england match is on
the roads are empty

during the cup,every single advert you see is about this amazing football tournament- from gillete razor blades,to macdonals,to car,tv,perfume/cologne adverts
its the biggest 5 weeks of your life!
if you come to europe or any other country apart from the USA you will see how big and how the world cup can dominate you life for its duration

people become so passionate about the cup,as you support your country.they leap and scream as someone scores a goal or is given a red card

the world cup provides drama that no fiction author could make up
"omg did you see when beckham missed thate penatly in the world cup"
by shar7p July 03, 2006
International sporting event held between a number of participating countries in sports, such as football (soccer)and rugby (both codes).
who won the world cup?
which one?
by JJ May 29, 2004
World Cup .. what's that? I know it has something to do with football.
English people know all about the World Cup. Their press will tell you how well the English team will do, their fans .. every Englishman throughout the World cheer their team onward but to no avail. Only once, since the World Cup competition began, has it been won by England. In case you need to be reminded that was in 1966. This year they were beaten by Portugal. Prior to that defeat they were beaten 1 - 0 in Belfast by Northern Ireland.
by Criostoir Hulme July 15, 2006
An international sporting event watched by terrorists and international political leaders alike and by everyone else in between... Truly a uniting sporting event for most of the world.
Police Officer 1: Damn thank God there are no terrorist attacks during the World Cup.
Police Officer 2: Why the hell would they bomb the event? Even Osama watches it come on...
Undercover Terror Suspect: You're damn right he does and be thankful for that!
by footballnotsoccer August 18, 2006
The Greatest Football Tournament in the World
32 of the world's Greatest teams(arguably)fight it out for two weeks every four years
Brazil have lifted the Trophy on 4 occasions
The greatest football fans in the world go to see the World Cup. unfortunately so do the English Hooligans
by Jeff Lynne June 09, 2006
Greatest sporting event in the world, 32 international soccer teams participate to become world champions. Currently Italy are the world champions.
Brazil won the world cup in 2002. Italy won and Zidane headbutted in 2006.
by Zidane is gay July 25, 2006
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