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Vanilla Ice
M.C. Hammer

Those are the 2 most supreme people for consideration for a "World's Worst Rappers List".

I'd like to include horribly offensive and disgusting people like Eminem, but he's a really great rapper. I'm only going on skillz.

Will Smith may be incredibly popular and commercialized, but some of his early songs, for sure, were not bad. Especially songs from "He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper".

Above is my World's Worst Rappers List.
by William Noel August 15, 2006
1. Any and all of them, old and new.
Yo yo, I'm a rapper, bling bling bling, shizzle nizzle fizzle, dont be haten', word. ~ From an actual retard attempting poetry ("rap"-per)
by Bo The Destroyer September 06, 2004
Here are is the real list of worst 'rappers' though many of them should be classified as pop and not rap. In NO particullar order.

2.Lloyd Banks
7.Bow Wow (lil?)
9.Missy Elliot
10.Young Buck
11.Shaq Diesel
12.Joe Budden
13.Snoop (Just his new stuff)
Eminem and 50cent don't deserve to have record deals.

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