1. 2Pac
2. Dr. Dre
3. Snoop Dogg
4. Kurupt
5. Daz
6. Warren G
7. Nate Dogg
8. Ice Cube
9. WC
10. Mack 10
11. Nas
12. DMX
13. Wu-Tang Clan
14. Outkast
15. Xzibit
16. Eminem
17. Jay-Z
18. Busta Rhymes
19. Coolio
20. Ludacris
21. Mase
22. Notorious B.I.G.
23. Kanye West
24. Talib Kweli
25. Jurassic 5
26. Baby
26. D12
27. Fabolous
28. Ja Rule
29. G-Unit
30. 50 Cent
listen to 2pac, not 50 cent
by $ May 16, 2004
In my opinion here are the worlds best rappers.(In order):
Tupac Amaru Shakur
Afro Man
Spice One
Immortal Technique
Suge Knight
Three six Mafia

You gotta love the old AND the new!!
The true gangstas of their time never to be outlived.They are the worlds best rappers and this is the world's best rappers list!
by Conor Thompson November 23, 2007
Here is the best rapper list if you haven't heard of any them then give a listen. No order.

1.Classified (canada's finest mc...Period. He's white too)
2.2pac(true, intelligent and just amazing)
3.Black Thought (MC for the roots)
4.Talib Kweli (enough said)
5.Mos Def (incredible, multi talented,)
6.Blackalicious(gift of gab)
7.Benefit(my enemy is a hot track, white boy)
8.Big Boi (from outkast...ignore speakerboxxx)
9.Eyedea(from eyedea & abilities, great rap speed, master of the art of freestlyin, one of the best rap sonwriters out there..also white)
10.Common(a Poet)
12.Pharaoh Monch (my life with styles p is awesome)
hnourable mentions kanye west(better producer then rapper), dr dre(again better producer than mc), snoop doggy dogg(not snopp dogg)

Melle Mel
Grandmaster Caz
The Notorious B.I.G.
Big Daddy Kane
Ice Cube
Kool Moe Dee
LL Cool J
Chuck D
Slick Rick
Big Pun
Mos Def
Busy Bee
Lauryn Hill
Method Man
Queen Latifah
Kool G. Rap
Ras Kass
Talib Kweli
Andre 3000
Coke La Rock

Wu-Tang Clan
Cold Crush Brothers
Masta Ace Incorporated
The Beastie Boys
Public Enemy
Company Flow
A Tribe Called Quest
Crash Crew
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5
De La Soul
Dead Prez
Black Moon
Diggin' In The Crates
" So all you hip-hops get on up,
And let's take it to the top where we belong,
Cause the age of the Beat Street wave is here.
Everybody let's sing along. Now come on."
-Melle Mel, "Beat Street Breakdown"
by some punk kid March 17, 2005
1. 2Pac (cliche, but true)
2. Aesop Rock
3. The Notorious B.I.G.
4. Eminem
5. Mos Def
6. Nas
7. Sonny Cheeba (of Camp Lo)
8. Copywrite
9. Kanye West
10. Tonedeff
11. DMX
12. Deacon the Villain (of the Cunninglynguists)
13. Jay-Z
14. 50 Cent

Dishonorable mentions:
Puff Daddy (he keeps making money off Biggie’s work)
Nelly (just sucks. Plain sucks.)
Cash Money Millionaires (I don’t have much cash or money, nor am I a millionaire, so I can’t relate.)
Benzino (haha)
Ja Rule (cliché, but true.)
Fabolous (he just spells his name in every song; and his name is spelled wrong)
Snoop Doggy Dogg (his early stuff was really good… but then it went all downhill)
Juvenile (boo!)
Jay-Z (he’s good and all, but he keeps biting off of Biggie, plus he took 2Pac’s song “Me and My Girlfriend”, even though 2Pac dissed him.)

(Basically any rapper who has no substance in his lyrics; if it’s all about ass-shaking and diamonds and crap most people can’t afford, then it sucks. He’s basically saying, “My life’s better than yours! Nyah!”)

Also: Dr. Dre isn’t really a rapper; he’s just a good producer.
2Pac is the best. Ja Rule sucks.
by g-franc July 02, 2004
#1- Bush Wick Bill (the midget from Geto Boys)

#2- K-Feezy

#3- Mac Dre

#4- Any cat from tha Yay (Yukmouth, Frontline, Messy Marv, Keak da Sneak,San Quinn, e-40, Andre Nickatina,B-Legit, 2pac, Hieroglyphics, Too Short, etc... thats right, the Bay runs this shit)
East coast rap can suck my rooster
by K-Feezy fo Sheezy May 04, 2005
Here a Resonable list( no order)
Best Rappers:
-Imortal Technique (Best alive)
-Jeru The Damaja
-Jester Sham
-Big L
-Tupac Shakur
-Jus Allah
-Mr. Lif

Best Groups:
-Company Flow
-Wu Tang Clan
-Jedi Mind Tricks
-Non Phixion
-Black Moon
-Dead prez

Worst Rappers:
50 Cent (2nd Worst)
Lil Flip
Chingy (Worst Alive)
Kanye West
Young Buck
Lil Scrappy
Bone Crusher
All Southern-Commercial Rap

SELL-OUTS(use 2 be mad good but then gave it up 4 money):
Fat Joe
Method Man
"First Fat joe wanted to flow, Now he wants to leans back"
by depz24550 February 28, 2005
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