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Although unknown to the general population, there actually was a "World War 3." The fact that it only lasted 4 and a half seconds is why it's so unheard of. It happened about 2 years ago on October 2nd at 4:13am but ended shortly after when the United States sent Chuck Norris behind enemy lines in Mexico, France, and Iraq. The only reason it took him 4 and half seconds to drop 3 countries is the fact that he stopped for lunch in the middle of it.
(Son) "Dad, do you think World War 3 will happen in my lifetime?"
(Dad) "It already has son, it already has..."
by Jason "Minty Fresh" Bodi October 23, 2006
Coming soon to a planet near you.
world war 3 will get here quicker if someone gets the guts to stand up to that monkeyfaced fuckwad in office.
1. Unless the human race fundamentally changes, the upcoming war that destroys the planet(and consequently, the human race).

2. Metaphorical description of a highly chaotic situation.
1. If everyone gets nuclear arms, World War 3 is inevitable.
2. My workplace is turning into World War 3!
by TomServo1 January 07, 2008
The result of Donald Trump's presidential election.
(Teacher to Class) What was Donald Trump best known for during his presidency?
(Class) World War 3
by SpikeyMike2 May 27, 2016
something that isnt happening dont believe those dumb reporters, if there are no opposing superpowers, its not a world war. little countries fighting is nothing like what russia vs england would be, or something like that.
to me world war 3 could only be with teams of superpowers
by alex14 August 05, 2006
The war that is taking place now that will result in worldwide anarchy and free everyone who hasnt already been freed from the corporate mind control that sets the foundation of all governments.
World War 3 is already happening! REVOLUTION!!
by Tory Burnett December 29, 2007
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