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It's when you have some work to do so you get your friend to help you so you say you need to get something inside and instead of getting what you "needed" you watch TV or something you would rather be doing. So you don't come back until the work is done or almost done.
Person 1: Awww!!!! I have so much work to do out here! Oh I know, I'll call a friend! (Calling his friend...)

Person 2: Hello?

Person 1: Hey can you come over to my place and help me get some work done faster? There's alot to do by myself.

Person 2: Yeah sure! I'll be right over!


Person 2: Whoa there is alot here let's get it done fast!

Person 1: Ok! Hey actually I need to get something inside, I'll be right back.

Person 2: Ok.


Person 1: Ok I'm back!

Person 2: Where were you? I got the job nearly done already!

Person 1: Yeah... About that there was a awesome movie on and I wanted to see it.

Person 2: You were Working Lazy and made me do everything!

Person 1: I didn't make you work you did it yourself!

Person 2: Whatever... This friendship is over!

Person 1: (As long I don't have to work my life is good!)
by Intro Outro February 18, 2010

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