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Def: To agree, to acknowledge. Best used in the context of "I love you" conversations when a male prefers to avoid those words even though he loves his lady friend in return.

Synonym: Word

Note: When a lady says "I love you" to her man-friend, research shows that most woman don't expect them to say it back, but do expect them to say something supportive or comforting. Using a neutral and sensitive term of agreement, like "wordette," will probably land you a BJ.
Example 1:

Lady-friend: "Its a nice day to make out in the gazebo."
Man-friend: "Wordette."
Lady-friend: "You're so cute =)"

Example 2:

Lady-Friend: "Just wanted to say I love you and hope you are having a great day!"
Man-Friend: "Word"
Lady-Friend: "Umm I think I would have prefered no response to word... (Blah Blah Blah)"
by Dr. MZ April 29, 2010

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